Maximizing Ministry: Christmas is the Super Bowl for the Church

Date Posted: 12/12/2011

Pews are packed at this time of year, so plan to make the most of this high attendance season.


Encourage your members to write down three people they could invite to the Christmas Eve service, so this will be top-of-mind in during the weeks of Advent. Make sure your church website is current and that all holiday opportunities are clearly expressed. Think about what impressions you want visitors to leave with. In short, newcomers need to be greeted, seated, treated and directed.


Consider ways you can inspire your visitors to say “wow” in the first 10 minutes they are on your campus. Since people are more likely to connect to people (over programs), create atmospheres where relationships can happen. Make it easy for them to navigate unfamiliar waters with signage or by walking with them to the nursery area or destination of their choice.


7 key indicators of hospitality:

• Clear signage inside and out

• Designated visitor parking

• Trained, friendly greeters of all ages

• Welcome center or clear source for information

• Classroom greeters in the children’s area

• Clean bathrooms

• An attractive worship bulletin


Give your visitors a reason to come back!

Coach regular members to shake hands and give holiday hugs that provide warmth and welcoming environment. Needs based evangelism is often the most powerful; the biggest motivators for people to come to church are related to the 4 D’s: Death of a loved one, Disease; Divorce; and Depression. Use this high attendance season to promote (from the pulpit, on the worship bulletin, in signage, on the web) an upcoming sermon series or fun fellowship opportunity. You can also use your bulletin to provide ways a newcomer could get involved. When members stretch out of their comfort zones, great things can happen: personal growth and numerical growth, not to mention Kingdom growth.