UMC Author Hopes 'Mommy What is Salvation?' Book Reaches Migrant Children in China by Christmas

Date Posted: 11/21/2011

In 2008, June Wyrick felt a gentle nudge deep within her heart. A long time United Methodist, she believed God was calling her to write a book to help parents explain salvation to children. The concept of the book was deeply imbedded in her soul because she used the illustration, three decades before, to explain salvation to her three children.  June had just been diagnosed with ALS, commonly know as Lou Gering’s Disease. She had no idea that her book, “Mommy What Is Salvation?” would take flight with the aid of her children and make its way into homes across the U.S and countries around the world, including China.


“My mother told me about the vision God gave her. At that time, however, we were focused on her health issues,” explains Kristen Wyrick Jones, Missions Director at First United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. Although deeply devoted to the project, by November of 2008, June could no longer write or talk. Friends began to help with the manuscript. “We shared the first narrative with her before she died,” said Kristen.


Kristen had been praying about a vision of her own. God gave her a calling to serve poor children across the world. She believed in empowering children through education and dreamed of starting schools and building libraries in underdeveloped countries. A vehicle for this ministry had not yet presented itself. “I had no idea that the book my mom had started would be the tool God would use to accomplish what He was putting on my heart,” she said.  The manuscript for Mommy What Is Salvation? was completed in 2009 and the book was released by Tate Publishing in August 2011. It is now available for purchase. “The book is a blessing because I feel that my mother and I are still working together. God gave her a dream and she gave it to me. God has allowed both of us to use this project for His glory,” she added.


Kristen has used the book in pamphlet form for the past two years in Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Thailand and Alaska. Her goal is for children around the world, especially those living in poverty, to receive a copy of the book. “This Christmas, a ministry in China wants to distribute books to 10,000 migrant children. An anonymous donor will match each book going to China up to 5000. The cost to publish the book in China is $1 per book,” according to Jones. For every book purchased at, five books will go to China. The book retails for $9.95 for paperback and $13.95 for hardback. “I am excited to think that ten thousand (10,000) children in China could be touched by my mother’s story and learn about Jesus this Christmas. She would be delighted as well.”


Kristen plans to have the book printed in various languages so that they can be distributed to underprivileged children. “I want to make them available for mission teams and indigenous ministries to use as a tool for evangelism. I want children everywhere to understand they can have a personal relationship with Christ. It is humbling to receive this gift from God. I am grateful and excited to see how God uses the book He started”.