United Methodist Student Day - November 27

Date Posted: 11/21/2011

United Methodist Student Day, one of the six churchwide Special Sundays, is Sunday, Nov. 27. Every year The United Methodist Church supports many students’ education through gifts to United Methodist Student Day offering. The Special Sunday provides scholarships and loans for students attending United Methodist-related and other accredited colleges and universities.


Student Day recipient Chelsea Overstreet’s home conference is the Mississippi Conference.


The United Methodist Church has been a part of Chelsea Overstreet’s life ever since she was born. She attended preschool at her church, went to Sunday school every Sunday, joined the church youth group, went through confirmation and remained an active young member through high school graduation.


Chelsea’s church has been everything to her as she has grown up. It’s where her friends were, where she developed her leadership skills and her passion for service and ultimately discovered her calling into the ministry. By giving her the opportunity to read Scripture, help with services, and mentor young Christians, the church has helped to nurture Chelsea’s calling.


As a student at Millsaps College, Chelsea helps coordinate and lead the weekly chapel service. She is active in more than a dozen organizations both on campus and off, including the Student Conduct Council, the Campus Ministry Team, and Theta Alpha Kappa religious studies honorary society.


Chelsea tutors Sudanese refugees twice a week and also volunteered to teach English as a second language at the Sherabling Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India, for three weeks in June 2011.


Wants to Attend Seminary

Chelsea’s dream is to attend seminary after earning her undergraduate degree, and then return home and serve The United Methodist Church in her home conference.


Chelsea believes that the United Methodist Student Day Gift of Hope Scholarship is an opportunity for United Methodists to invest in their young people and, ultimately, the future.


United Methodist Student Day is celebrated the last Sunday of November. Next year will be Nov. 25. Your local church can celebrate the Special Sunday on a different date, if need be. Don’t let the given dates prohibit your local church from celebrating United Methodist Student Day.


General Board of Higher Education & Ministry

Loans and scholarships for United Methodist Student Day are awarded through the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry on a yearly basis and must be reapplied for each year.


Gifts to United Methodist Student Day offering help deserving United Methodist students continue their education and their faith journeys as they strive to make a difference in the world and discern what God has called them to do. Please give generously to the United Methodist Student Day offering.


To order free resources for United Methodist Student Day, call (888) 346-3862, or visit the General Board of Church and Society’s web site, www.umc-gbcs.org.


Watch United Methodist Student Day videos via YouTube. Remember you can give online any time of the year.


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