Guess Who!

Date Posted: 11/14/2011

We stumped you on the first picture. No one guessed it correctly, so you get to try again.



Name: Debbie Sutton (only my Mother called me Debra!) at 2 months old, taken in Brooklyn, New York where she was born


Favorite childhood memory:

Going to Radio City Musical Hall & Rockefeller Center at Christmas time. What a wonderful winter wonderland!


Career Path:

I received a college degree in Computer Technology and worked as a programmer/analyst for manufacturing companies until we began a family. In October of 1982 we relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and raised our three children. Prior to moving to Houston, I had the privilege

to work at the Central Texas Conference Office in the Missional Excellence and Administrative/Financial departments. After twenty-five years in Fort Worth, we came to Houston and in December of 2008, I joined the TAC community to work in the Center of Congregational Excellence.


Typical day as Administrative Assistant for Congregational Excellence:

Assisting the center and the director of youth/young adult ministry and be the friendly

voice to those who call us. Among other things, I assist with the planning process and registration for youth events such as Texas Youth Academy and COLLIDE, handle the registration of potential new

church start pastors for NCLI training at Mt. Sequoyah, and assist with statistical analysis of church transformation data.


Favorite part of my job: Making people smile!



I am a crafter and enjoy quilting the most.


Favorite life lesson to share:

A version of the Serenity Prayer has brought me through rough times and encouraged me throughout my life: "God grant me the serenity to  accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."


Cross Connection readers would probably be surprised to know that

I possess a valid motorcycle license.


Next Staff Member Photo:




This is the second picture in the new series in the Cross Connection: Watch the coming issues for this Contest Corner and try your skill at identifying a Conference staff member’s baby picture.


Each winner will be mentioned in the next edition where we will also reveal the baby’s IDENTITY with a brief write-up about the staff member’s role in the Conference office, and a new “baby face” to identify.


RULES: Each week, the first person to email Thelma Jones:   with the right answer and contact information will win a prize. You may submit two guesses. Conference and District staff are excluded from entering and previous winners cannot re-enter.