Grants Available for Recovery and Addiction Ministries

Date Posted: 10/4/2011

Is your church thinking of reaching out to people in new ways? Or is your substance-abuse ministry looking to partner with people in United Methodist churches? Do you want to accompany and care for people who are struggling to overcome a chemical dependency, such as alcoholism? Is your church in ministry with people who are homeless, drug abusers, family members of substance abusers, or people in recovery?


Then consider applying to the United Methodist SPSARV (Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence) program, which offers funding to a variety of congregations, ministries, recovery groups, treatment centers, addiction awareness campaigns, counseling opportunities, and workshops.


In 2011, $73,000 was divided between nine US organizations. SPSARV grants have increased The United Methodist church-wide campaign to raise awareness about and decrease alcoholism, drug addiction, and drug-related violence.


The applications for grants are due December 1, 2011. Notification of funding will be sent out on February 1, 2012, with final approval given in mid-March, 2012.


Priority is given to grant applications that:

  • Involve the people of The United Methodist Church through congregations, cooperative parishes, national mission institutions, health and welfare conference-related institutions, long-term care institutions, metropolitan ministry agencies, and church-based or -related community-organizing projects.
  • Create innovative programs or workshops, particularly those which can be replicated by other church and community groups.
  • Spark new resources or leaders in the community.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with United Methodist annual conferences and district and local programs focused on issues relating to substance abuse.
  • Work towards systemic change by tackling the root causes of substance abuse and related violence, including economic and social injustices, covert and overt acts of violence, and emotional and spiritual suffering.

First-time applicants receive priority to ensure that limited funds assist the greatest number of ministries, ending substance abuse and violence, wherever it may occur. Thus, grant recipients are not eligible to reapply for at least three years following receipt of funds.

Listen to podcasts of several of last year's grant recipients as they describe the power of transforming lives with programs and networks through The United Methodist Church that minister with people in the throes of alcoholism and addiction.


Visit the SPSARV website to download the SPSARV Application for Funding.


For more information, please email Juliana Mecera, SPSARV Program Associate at or call 212-870-3883. Please visit the SPSARV website for addition information about grants at

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