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Date Posted: 9/7/2011

Advance number 901670 is can now be used for donations to aid those affected by wildfires.  


Funds collected can be sent either to your district office or the Texas Annual conference Service Center, and should be made out to “Texas Annual Conference” and designated for “Fire Relief” in the memo line of your check. We will see that funds are directed where they are most needed. Or you can give online through UMCOR to Advance# 901670 - general disaster response, and designate giving for Wildfires 2011.


Map of wildfires burning across Texas right now


Daily Wildfire Activity

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Fire Danger & Advisories


As record breaking drought conditions turn the parched Texas landscape into a series of wildfires across the state,  Methodist churches and denominational leaders report the following developments and opportunities to help firefighters, displaced families and churches that have watched their places of worship turn to ashes. “In times like these, we all want to know how to help,” says Disaster Response Coordinator Clay Whitaker. “The only good news, during this crisis, is that the Texas Annual Conference has an effective system of communication and emergency assistance across the region and we have a number of people and churches on standby to meet the needs once the specifics are known.”

Other Ways to Help

Over 30,000 acres are on fire in Bastrop County alone and hundreds are homeless. If you would like to donate items to those in need, bring any of the following items to FUMC Caldwell Fellowship Hall by 6pm Thursday
(Sept. 8)
and we will deliver them to the distribution site in Bastrop. Our Fellowship Hall will be open from 7am-7pm until delivery time. You may drop off your items at any time between those hours.


Needed items:  diapers, wipes, baby food, bottled water, trash bag,
non-perishable food items and toiletry items of all kinds (tooth brush,
toothpaste, brushes, etc.)

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Rev. Jordan:

Rev. Todd Jordan
First United Methodist Church
306 W. Fox
Caldwell, Texas  77836
(979) 567-3778


Updates From Vetta Quackenbush in the East District:


United Methodist Church members at Douglass, Faith Bridge UMC are helping to feed firefighters, police, sheriff’s dept, highway patrol and other governmental agencies that are assisting in the fire fight.  They are also taking food with mobile units to firefighters within their reach.  Rev. Michael Parks and his wife Larka are spearheading this effort.  


The fire in the Lilbert area has been contained and is under control.  The fire on the Nacogdoches county side of hwy 21 west is contained but not called under control on the Cherokee county side of hwy 21 west. The problem with the fire is that it is jumping back & forth across the angelina river. Beginning about 7:00 am Wednesday morning, texas forest department, tx dot, etc are putting their efforts into helping cherokee county personnel get their part of the fire under control. 
Our new facility at Faith Bridge has really been put to good use with this community emergency, especially the new kitchen.  As of this evening (tuesday) we have served approximately 176 hamburgers along with chips, water, desserts, etc to the firefighters, police, sheriff's dept, highway patrol, and other governmental agencies that are assisting in the fire fight.
Pastor mike was personally congratulated by Sheriff Thomas Kerrs and Chief Keith Kiplinger, chief of the Nacogdoches Fire Department, for all the efforts of our congregation in keeping those within our reach fed through mobile units that went to where the firefighters were rather than waiting for them to come to the food. 
We will start again on Wednesday morning around 7:00 am with coffee and hot chocolate.  Another group is providing the breakfast food.  Our kitchen will resume hamburger preparations for lunch.

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Additional updates will be posted to txcumc.org as information becomes available. 

If your church or another church or ministry you know of is responding to help people who have been affected or are helping to support firefighters or others involved, please let us know by contacting interim Communications Director April Canik at acanik@txcumc.org.