New Mobile Medical Clinic will be a Blessing for Others

Date Posted: 8/11/2011

The Orange County United Methodist Men (OCUMC) have completed the project of building a Mobile Medical Clinic, utilizing a storage pod and plans purchased from Christian Alliance in Pearland, Texas. OCUMM is inclusive of the men of First UMC, Orange and men from other Methodist churches in Orange County.


The forty foot steel storage pod was placed in the parking lot of First UMC, Orange, where the men have worked several months to convert it into a clinic per Christian Alliance specification plans. Several group fundraisers and many individual contributions made this project possible.


The completed clinic will now be fitted with equipment and supplies by Christian Alliance and shipped to an area of the world where  here is currently no available medical facilities. Since 1998, Christian Alliance has delivered more than 100 of these medical clinics and $20,000,000 worth of prescription medicines to areas of need throughout the world.


These medical clinics are complete with exam and dental stations as well as office and storage space. Mr. Jess Stokley, Director of Christian Alliance says, "The pod will is the 111th one placed into service. You will be able to go to the Christian Alliance website and track its journey around the world by the number 111."


The storage pod was repurposed from a vessel to carry goods to serve and heal, and offer Christ to a broken world.