Do You Have Young Adult Church Members Going College?

Date Posted: 7/26/2011

According to a George Barna Group study from a few years ago, 60% of your active youth in church, will “disengage from active participation in the Christian faith during their young adult years - and often beyond that.” 


The college years are a crucial time for the church to keep the faith connection with their young adult members and prevent unintentional drifting away from the church and faith. There are many UM campus ministers and UM pastors in college towns who would love to reach out to your young adults who have relocated to new residences while in school. By clicking on the online form below and filling out their contact information, you can allow informal invitations to on-campus UM bible studies, worship services, retreats, fellowship events and missions experiences to be extended to your UM college students. Personal invitations given the first few weeks on campus are especially important. Please help them prevent the drift! 


College student contact information online form


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Dan Conway

Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministries,

Texas Conference