TACCOR: Help Now

Date Posted: 7/13/2011

When Christians ask “What can we do to help survivors of a disaster?” one thing is to provide for those who offer their time to put lives back together. When disaster strikes, your Conference will need churches to host teams of Early Responders from other Methodist Churches. Hosting can be as simple as just providing the space for a dozen hard working volunteers to rest up and eat a meal before another day’s work in your area.


Suggestions as to features and offers that will be helpful to them are listed on the form. Signing-up for this service is as easy as filling out our online host site application and clicking send.


Check out other opportunities on the TACCOR main page including Early Response Team trainings and assembly of Disaster Kits. If you don’t feel a specific calling but, know that you will want to participate, check out the individual (SUV) application. It will pre-clear and put you up front to be notified of opportunities.