Lay Delegates Gather to Learn About Texas Annual Conference 2011 Session

Date Posted: 6/13/2011

The Hilton Americas Ballroom filled early on Monday morning May 30, as lay representatives of the Texas Annual Conference gathered to hear details of the 2011 Sessions. Delegates were greeted by the singing of The Innovators, an acapella Choir from Zimbabwe.


Conference Lay Leader, Leah Taylor, opened the session with prayer before introducing the members of The Innovators and taking an offering to help provide for the group’s ministry to childrenhead- of-households in their home country. Bishop Huie addressed the delegates noting, “We have a powerful teaching tool, as Adam Hamilton joins us to teach about discipleship: what it means and how we lead for discipleship.” Huie continued, “I think you will be blessed by what he has to say.”


Bishop Huie shared about the new Apportionment Booklet, encouraging delegates to take a copy to their church as an informative tool on the distribution of these funds. She concluded her talk with a prayer request and update on the health of her Administrative Assistant, Nancy Hinshaw. Ms. Taylor introduced Judy Tefteller who presented Katie Solmonson Eichler and Cindy Foster Serio, both candidates for Certification. Rev. B.T. Williamson’s presentation offered insights into the process for electing Lay Delegates to the General and Jurisdictional Conferences. He answered questions, shared about the new electronic voting machines and referenced the previously distributed Profile Booklet for candidate bios.


Deputy General Secretary for United Methodist Committee on Relief, TAC’s Rev. Cynthia Harvey offered an informative video sharing some of the many ways UMCOR is making a difference in the lives of those victimized by natural disaster. Rev. Harvey offered, “It is because of your generosity that we (UMCOR) are able to do what we do. You are UMCOR. You are not just doing church, friends, you are being the church. I’m here today to simply say thank you.” Harvey concluded her talk with updates on UMCOR’s work in Cote d’Ivoire, Haiti and areas recently impacted by severe storms. Ms. Taylor noted, “Doesn’t it make you proud? It is a good day to be a United Methodist.”


Taylor introduced the following special visitors: Richard Hearn, Ted Smith and the delegation from Cote d’Ivoire: Samuel Koffi, Madame Lydie Acquah, Bernadette Enokou and Valentine Amonkou, before introducing the Board of Laity: Scott Atnip (West); Alfred Calloway (Central South); Reggie Clemons (South); Roy Follmer (Southeast); Carol Greenwaldt (North); Stephanie Griffin (Northwest) outgoing and John Royar (Northwest) incoming; Kathi Paul (Central North); Mary Reed (West); and Bill Teague (East); and Teresa Fagan – Conference Director of Lay Speaking Ministry. John Royer, Alba United Methodist Church lay delegate stated, “As we came to a close of the Laity Meeting, we knew the following days would be filled with the Holy Spirit leading us into action.”