Episcopal Address

Date Posted: 5/31/2011

“Let your reach be wide….Cast your net on the other side.” Those song lyrics set the stage for Bishop Janice Riggle Huie’s Episcopal Address. “The entire United Methodist Church is fishing in a sea of change,” Huie said. “In a sea of change, what is the risen Christ asking us to do?”


Truly change is needed in a denomination that has been declining in membership since the 1960s. Nearly all the measures of fruitfulness – membership, worship attendance, and professions of faith – are down (with the exception of hands-on mission and ministry). Apportionments have taken the biggest hit, with only an 84% payout in 2010. That is the lowest in TAC history.


“We may not have as many resources as we like, but what we have is sufficient,” she said. “God is not finished with us yet!...We’re facing a turbulent sea, I believe God has already prepared the leaders we need. You, my friends, are those leaders.

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