A Love Story Called Life

Date Posted: 5/30/2011

The 2011 gathering of the Texas Annual Conference opened with a tribute to the life and ministry of 17 clergy and 14 clergy spouses and to our shared baptism. Rev. Jerry House Jr., senior pastor of Christ UMC College Station, reminded the congregation that the story of a Christian does not end when the last petal of their life falls away, because of the seed God has planted within each person.

Through music, liturgy, and more, the worship illuminated the Annual Conference theme: Remember and Be Faithful, with a liturgical dance symbolizing the baptismal waters and dove-like kites soaring through the atmosphere just as Holy Spirit dances and dwells among us.

The creation story was the text, and House noted that our relationship with God is a love story. “A story that begins with a formless void and a good God hovering over it,” he said. “A God who speaks a word and life bursts forth.”