Bring Assembled Cleaning Buckets to Annual Conference Sunday

Date Posted: 5/24/2011

Fully assembled cleaning buckets will be accepted at the George R. Brown Convention Center Sunday night, just before the worship service begins.

Please help us care for flood disaster victims along the Mississippi.  Families or individuals are invited to bring a fully assembled cleaning bucket according to UMCOR guidelines to the George R. Brown Convention Center just before the Sunday night worship service begins. If you choose to donate a bucket, please drop off your bucket in the designated flood bucket area in the large lobby just outside of the worship area. 


Do not bring it with you into the worship area. Only fully assembled buckets are being accepted and can only be accepted on Sunday night. Transportation of the buckets is being provided by the TAC Committee On Relief. 


The donated “cleaning buckets” need to be assembled exactly according to the UMCOR guidelines at: