League City UMC to Make a Difference

Date Posted: 4/7/2011

League City UMC will demonstrate how they can make a difference in the world during the Change the World event (May 14-15th) by bringing their sewing ministry group together to make items with special fabric from Cote d’Ivoire


They will pick up 24 yards of fabric next week and plan to make aprons and pastor's stoles and other items to be sold at Annual Conference 2011 to help raise money for the Adopt a Student program for the students in Cote d’Ivoire. 


As Cote d'Ivoire's conflict is being resolved with the help of the Methodist church, UMCOR and the United Nations, the donations we make buying fabric or making items to sell are more needed than ever. 


It isn’t too late for your church to be a part of this. Contact Shirley Broome at 713-521-9383 or sbroome@txcumc.org to make arrangements to pick up fabric so your church can also have a sewing project for Change the World Day.   


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