Newly Chartered Church's Mission is to "Shed God's Love to Inspire Christ-Centered Living"

Date Posted: 4/4/2011

Say ‘hello’ to the newest church in the Texas Annual Conference - The Watershed UMC.  The Watershed chartered on February 6, 2011 in a service that was both meaningful and exciting.  The Watershed exists to “shed God’s love to inspire Christ-centered living.”  It began worshipping weekly in February of 2008 and has withstood hurricanes, the economic downturn, and the challenges of meeting in a school to become a thriving congregation averaging 140+ in attendance so far this year. 


“When we started The Watershed a few years ago,” reports Rev. Neely, “I felt God calling forth a people who would live the Christian faith in such a way that others would want to pursue Christ as well.  We wanted to be an outwardly focused church and one that was known for our love, compassion and generosity.”


The congregation has not only taken hold of that vision, but they have advanced it as well!  The people of The Watershed, including significant contributions each week from the children, have provided 11 deep water wells in developing nations, provided generously for the needs of people inside their own church that have had significant health care costs, and even participated in their first church-wide mission trip in 2010 (in partnership with their Mother church, Clear Lake UMC).


“We have an incredible group of people here,” said Neely.  “They have stayed focused, upbeat and positive in this difficult journey.”    Rev. Neely also reported that they are very generous in every way as witnessed by the number of people who help set-up/tear down, participate in outreach and have joined Deeper Groups.  The Watershed currently has 6 Deeper Groups which contain about 65-70% of their adults.


The charter service on February 6th recorded 200+ people in attendance and included a possible Master Plan drawing of the “community center at which a church happens to meet” that The Watershed hopes to become.  There are still challenging days ahead for The Watershed, like raising money for land and buildings, but Rev. Neely just thinks that will give God more room to brag when impossible things actually happen. 


The people of The Watershed see themselves as a real watershed, a group of individual raindrops who are pouring into something larger than themselves – namely, the work of God in the world.  Please pray for The Watershed and all of the new church starts in the annual conference!