Scholarships Awarded to 61 Students from the Texas Annual Conference

Date Posted: 4/4/2011

The Texas United Methodist College Association has announced that 61 students from the Texas Conference have received TUMCA scholarship funds for the current academic year.


TUMCA funds come from the United Methodist congregations in Texas for use by students from these congregations to attend Southwestern, Lon Morris, SMU, McMurry or Texas Wesleyan schools and universities.


These funds make the vital difference in opening the door to academic and spiritual growth on one of our fine campuses.  TUMCA funds are preparing leaders, both lay and clergy, for our churches and for Christ’s mission in the world.


A TUMCA student commented, “I am more than ready to join the ranks of the church’s lay ministers. As I pursue my degree in anthropology, I am humbled by the support of the church.”  One of our United Methodist pastors reflected on the importance of TUMCA for students from his congregation. “To see one of our own, who models faithful Christian witness, go beyond the valley schools of South Texas and succeed is a real blessing.  It is an encouragement to families who are in extreme circumstances.”


TUMCA is not about a lot of money. TUMCA is about a lot of determination to help students and their families experience the partnership of their congregation in helping the dream of a college education become a reality.


See the list of students, their schools and their home congregations.