TAC 2011 DVD Report - Deadline Approaches

Date Posted: 3/31/2011

Because this is an election year, which often impacts the business session agenda, the Annual Conference Planning Team has voted not to share institutional reports at the 2011 event.


Although we want to honor the relationship of the Annual Conference with its ministry partners, we also want to be good stewards of everyone’s finances and time. If you still wish to create a DVD report, we will gladly post it to the conference website and distribute copies to conference delegates. Reports will not, however, be shown during the conference business session.


They will be available at www.txcumc.org/video for everyone to access on-demand, at their convenience.


If you plan to have a DVD presentation this year, please follow the guidelines below. Your submission must be received by Friday, April 29.


Please note:

*For us to host these videos, you cannot use ANY copyrighted audio or image elements in your productions. This includes songs by Christian recording artists.  Please use royalty free tracks instead. The only exception is if you can prove in writing that you have transferable permission from the copyright holder/s specifically allowing you to broadcast this work online. It requires a different type of license to broadcast online than to perform at a location.


You can create an account and upload video directly to the site. It will appear once it has been approved. Videos are limited to 200 MB in overall file size. Please try to keep them under 5 minutes.


All uploads will go through a conversion process for size and format, so if you don't have access to encoding software - don't worry. The process is similar to other sites and is very straightforward. Virtually any format can be uploaded, but videos encoded in flv, quicktime and h.264 will display the best. If you have the ability to control parameters, 320x240 encoded at 800kbps is recommended.  

Other Options

If you choose to host a video elsewhere please send us a link and we can add it to a separate listing.


Alternately, you may submit DVDs or .MOV QuickTime high resolution files and we can compress and post those on our site for you. *The above copyright restrictions apply here as well.


Submit 3 copies of DVDs. Please test copies on multiple set top dvd players or computers before submission – including at least one Windows PC. (DVD-R discs are the most broadly compatible.)

Please send DVD’s to:

Eleanor Colvin

Director of Communications

5215 Main Street

Houston, Texas 77002


713-521-9383 x334