Welcoming Certified Churches

Date Posted: 2/22/2011

United Methodist Communications is pleased to announce a new online process for new and renewing welcoming certified congregations.


Instead of the “paper and pen” process that has been used over the last 10 years of the program, everything has been moved online using our Online Learning Center.


For those congregations seeking certification for the first time, the forum “Becoming a Welcoming Congregation” walks them through the activities they need to complete toward initial certification. With the help of other congregations seeking certification and a team of facilitators, the process is more efficient and engaging.


Plus, UM Communications is able to quickly update and add new resources to support welcoming ministry. Access to this online forum and process is open to any United Methodist congregation and does not require any preauthorization.


For those congregations already certified at any point since 2001, you are invited to join another online forum, “Welcoming Certified Congregations,” where you will encounter more than 1,000 welcoming certified churches and complete activities toward renewal of their annual certification.


This forum provides additional resources, community building and sharing to enhance welcoming ministry across the United Methodist connection. Access to this forum is restricted to congregations that have already achieved initial certification and requires a pre-assigned username, password and enrollment key to participate in the renewal certification



Complete details about both the new and renewing certification online forums and processes are available at our Welcoming Certification webpage, http://umcom.org/welcomingcertification.


Promote welcoming certification in your annual conference and continue to spread the word about this vital ministry of the people of The United Methodist Church.