Friendswood UMC Presents Prayer Conference 2011

Date Posted: 2/8/2011

Over the years, churches and religious institutions have sought to answer the questions, “What do you say when you pray? Or, “How do we pray effectively?” Friendswood UMC will offer a 2-day conference that will address these questions and others concerning prayer.


“The event will bring new energy and understanding to the meaning of prayer,” says Diane Taylor, Communications Director for Friendswood UMC. “Can you imagine what would happen if the members of a church began praying powerful prayers in line with God’s plans and purposes for our lives and the life of the church?”


Indeed, whenever Christians align their prayers with the Word of God, great and exciting things happen. The Conference will be held February 26-27, with Pastor Suzette Caldwell as the event’s facilitator. Pastor Caldwell is an associate pastor at Windsor Village UMC in Houston, Texas. She also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Kingdom Builder’s Prayer Institute, a non-profit, community based organization that prays for the Houston metropolitan area and teaches people to pray more effectively. Caldwell strongly believes that anyone who is willing to “Walk by faith” and trust God will be successful in achieving their dreams and desires.


When asked about the benefits of this event, Taylor responded, “Intimate relationship with God will develop. More people will spend a greater amount of time in the presence of God, becoming fully equipped to pray with greater confidence and with expected results.”


Rev. Rosemary Dubois, Associate Pastor over Congregational Care, spoke to the relevance of prayer in the church today: “We are all spiritual beings having a spiritual experience. In order to grow in our spirituality, we need to stay connected with God – and that occurs through prayer. As a church, we need to provide opportunities for people to develop a strong and faithful prayer life. My prayer is that people will take the time to attend this prayer conference and prepare their hearts and minds to be transformed.”


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