New Church Leadership Institute - A Discernment Retreat for Potential Church-Start Pastors

Date Posted: 2/8/2011

Leadership is the critical factor to successful church starts. What defines effective leadership, and how can pastors explore and cultivate the unique leadership skills this calling requires? New Church Leadership Institute (NCLI) is a discernment retreat for potential church-start pastors, created to share best practices  around leadership, church-start models and community building. These insights have been identified and validated across United Methodist Annual Conferences, as well as within sister denominations.


Participants hear from church-planting consultants and successful planting pastors from across the country who will share their experiences, as well as the candid insights about the challenges and blessings of this vocation. The retreat creates intentional time and space for listening to the Holy Spirit to ensure clarity of call. The program also incorporates exercises aimed at discernment, during which participants will have a chance to assess their gifts for church planting privately and honestly.


While only some participants will eventually start a new congregation, all will benefit from new insights around effective leadership. These skills are transferable wherever one might serve. The next NCLI event will be October 10-13, 2011, at Mt. Sequoyah in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


To learn more about new church starts or attending NCLI, send an e-mail request to in the Texas Annual Conference Center for Congregational Excellence.