Around the Conference – Recent Sermons

Date Posted: 1/19/2011

The following links to sermons were selected at random for your enjoyment. They are listed in no particular order.


Rev. Ernie Turney – The Witness

Bering Memorial UMC, Houston


Rev. Rob Renfroe – Mistaken Identity

The Woodlands UMC   


Dr. Dave Meadows – Welcoming Christ into Our Lives

Cornerstone UMC, Houston


Rev. Elizabeth Duffin – Here and Hereafter

Lakewood UMC, Houston


Anna Lisa Callaway – What Inheritance Controls My Plans

Houston St. Philips  


Rev. Robert Stutes – A Higher Power

Bellville UMC  


Rev. Matt Idom – Following the Conductor

FUMC Bryan


Dr. Jim Jackson – Cultivating Contentment

Houston Chapelwood UMC


Rev. Godfrey Hubert  - Prepare the Way – The Call
Houston - The Foundry 


Rev. Garry Masterson  - The Authority of Jesus

Texarkana – Hardy Memorial  


Want more? See a listing to links of video, audio and text sermons from around the conference at: