Nominations Due November 1: Be A Part of History in the Making

Date Posted: 10/22/2015

The nomination process is closing soon to those eager to be a part of the process -- and progress -- of the Texas Annual Conference during 2016-2019.

Make a difference, make connections, be a part of the vision and the journey into the future.  That is the advice of Stephanie Griffin, who walks the talk when it comes to being personally involved and nominating others to find a spot in conference leadership through the nomination process. Notes Stephanie, “For the past 10 years I served -- first as the District Lay Leader in the Northwest District and then as the Conference Lay Leader for the last 4 years. It has been an amazing experience. I have been energized by the opportunities to be a part of a journey that is bound for greater things.” 
In days gone by, the slate of leaders had one individual serving on multiple committees, but the Texas Annual Conference sees the value in seeking new faces to put in new places over time. Helen Williams, who is serving her last year on the Nominations Committee is excited about the new online profile that will help nominees and committee leaders to match gifts and interests to open spots. “We are trying our best to make it as easy and effective as possible, but I want to stress how important it is to fill each of these positions on behalf of the future of the conference.” Many of the committees only meet a few times a year and can do so “virtually” to make it convenient for all.  “There are plenty of places to accommodate the gifts and preferences of our nominees,” she adds. “Most positions do not require a great deal of time, yet are critical to conference vitality. We welcome input on how to make the nomination/submission process work better,” adds Helen.
Individuals can only be elected to one committee and the term limit is two quadrenniums (eight years). It is also becoming increasingly critical to be e-mail and text-compatible, notes Helen. “We are particularly in need of tech-savvy nominees who will help us accelerate into the 21st century by leveraging the latest technology to make disciples for the transformation of the world.”
Applications due November 1
Applicants can self-nominate or suggest a name for any leadership position from the job descriptions at
After the submitting the application, it will be sent to your District Superintendent (in the case of the clergy) or your local church pastor (in the case of the laity) for endorsement. Approved nominees are usually matched with their first choice role, but it is helpful to name a second and third choice just in case. The nomination slate is then presented to the Religion and Race Committee who assist the Nominations Committee in balancing gender, age, district representation, clergy and laity and ethnic diversity before presenting it to conference delegates next May.
Speaking from Experience: Come and Serve
Stephanie has discovered that being an active servant at the District and Conference levels has given her fresh insight into the challenges and opportunities that the church faces in a changing world. “I have found laity needs to be actively involved in the mission of the church and that we must turn our focus out beyond the walls into our neighborhoods and the world,” she adds. “I have met women and men who have amazing talents to share and are feeling God’s call to make disciples.”
She believes, “The laity voice is the heart of the church because we leave our homes daily and walk into the mission field as we go to work, to play, and live our lives beyond Sunday worship.”
Adds Stephanie, “The Conference needs dedicated, talented laity to participate in the committees that do their jobs to benefit the mission and keep the Texas Conference strong and connected, moving strategically with a like-minded heart. Come and serve. Share your talent, your energy, and your time. Connection and laity involvement in the mission of the church makes the Methodist Church stronger and more effective in changing the world and making disciples for Jesus Christ.”