ERT Training October 24

Date Posted: 9/24/2015

Texas Annual Conference Disaster Ministries is hosting a training class for those interested in becoming Early Response Team disaster response volunteers.  The training will take place Saturday, October 24, from 9A - 4P at Tomball United Methodist Church.  Lunch will be provided.  Childcare is available.
Early Response Teams are called upon in times of humanitarian disasters, be they natural or man-made, to provide a loving presence to survivors, stop any further damage from occurring, and bring relief to those in need.  This may be in the form of removing water-damaged items from homes, securing structures to prevent further damage, helping affected families pack and relocate to a safer location, or providing immediately needed supplies such as food and water.  ERTs may also be called on during disaster recovery to help homeowners return their homes to a new "normal."  ERTs are NOT first responders.  We do not conduct search and rescue operations.  Once local officials have declared an area safe, we are often one of the first organizations into an affected area to begin bringing assistance to survivors.
If you would like to register for this training, or would simply like more information about ERTs or the Texas Annual Conference Disaster Ministries, please email Rev. Scott Moore at
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