Wanted: 18 District Leaders to Join ZOE Pilgrimage and Learning Team

Date Posted: 9/9/2014

The TAC Missions Committee is taking applications immediately -- for the ZOE Pilgrimage and Learning Team traveling to Kenya next February 2-11, 2015 to interact with Zoe orphans and learn how this empowering mission model is changing lives and communities. The team will consist of two representatives from each District, including men, women, clergy and laity from a cross section of ages.
Learning the story of a Kenyan orphan named Grace, helps to lessen the shock of this country’s overall statistics. Out of a population of 38.6 million, 2.6 million are orphans and vulnerable children but fortunately for those like Grace, a ministry called ZOE is changing their future.
TAC’s short-term mission trip to Kenya next February will be different than most. Selected leaders from each district will be there to listen, learn and support rather than “do for.” According to ZOE’s Executive Director, Rev. Gaston Warner, “The participating leaders will experience the power of standing behind these children, empowering them to do things for themselves and telling them we are proud of them-- in the way we might help our own children to learn to do things for themselves.”
Adds Gaston, “On a ZOE trip, we spend the majority of the time interacting directly with the orphans and vulnerable children themselves, meeting with them in groups and as individuals, in their fields, their homes, and their places of business.  We spend our days worshipping with the children, praying with them, hearing what God is doing in their lives, their businesses, their sibling’s lives, and thus seeing a glimpse of the kingdom of God.”
Gaston explains that Americans spending time with these often ostracized children can change the way they are perceived by the entire village.  He adds, “It may be a less traditional form of mission work, but the work you will do on a ZOE mission trip will build more than buildings, it will build the people of God.”
The team will be limited to 18 members, 2 from each district of the TAC, selected according to the following criteria:

  • All selected team members will be asked to make a commitment to work with their District Superintendents and the TAC Missions Committee upon their return to share, in their districts, their experience and what they have learned;
  • Those who have had limited or no previous international mission experience will be given priority over those who have had numerous opportunities to experience international mission;
  • A representative mix of laity and clergy, as well as ages will be sought;
  • One member from each district will be selected first from any TAC Mission Committee members applying who are from that district;
  • Other members will be selected based on their openness to learning about and helping to craft empowering mission models throughout the TAC.
Rev. Diane McGehee, Director of the TAC Center for Missional Excellence notes that, “In addition to committing to work with the TAC Missions Committee and within your district upon the team’s return, we will be asking that each selected team member read the two books we will provide prior to our departure: Toxic Charity by Robert D. Lupton, and A Mile in My Shoes by Trevor Hudson.” Adds Diane, “While we will not be able to accommodate everyone who applies, we will have other opportunities to engage and work with ZOE, as well as other new missional opportunities that will likely result out of this learning experience.”

Call to Action
Look here for an application and more information on ZOE. Please mail or email completed applications to: Center for Missional Excellence, 5215 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 or sbroome@txcumc.org.  Applications are due October 1, 2014.