2016 Pre-conference Meetings

Date Posted: 2/22/2016

Simultaneous Pre-conference Meetings
This spring, Reverends B.T. Williamson, Gail Ford Smith and Jesse Brannen will be holding a meeting in three districts simultaneously as follows. See your district website for additional details on time and place.
Rev. B.T. Williamson:
April 24                SE            5:00 pm                Beaumont-Trinity                                                    
April 25                S               7:00 pm                Pasadena First UMC
April 26                CS            7:00 pm                Houston Trinity UMC
Rev. Jesse Brannen:
April 24                NW         2:30 pm                Athens First UMC
April 25                N             7:00 pm                Ore City First UMC
April 26                E             7:00 pm                Nacogdoches First UMC
Rev. Gail Ford Smith:
April 24                W             4:00 pm                College Station A & M UMC
April 25                CN           7:00 pm                Spring Woods UMC
April 26                SW          7:00 pm                Sugar Land Christ UMC

Last Year to Print Pre-Conference Journals
Following a stewardship decision by the Core Leadership Team, 2016 will be the last year for pre-conference journals to be printed and mailed. “Future journals will be available digitally, at a savings of $32,000 per year,” notes Rev. B.T. Williamson, assistant to the Bishop.