Leaders on the Move: Rev. Dr. Jacqui King Joins UM Discipleship Ministries

Date Posted: 8/14/2015

Jones Memorial UMC’s Jacqui King is passionate about God, making disciples and leadership – the perfect skill set for a new role that will soon take her to Nashville, TN.
She will preach at Jones Memorial UMC for the last time on August 16 and then transition to a job she feels is truly a divine appointment on September 1st. One of the Texas Annual Conference’s leadership specialists, Rev. Dr. Jacqui King is joining the staff of Discipleship Ministries of the United Methodist Church as the new Director of Congregational Vitality, and she could not be more excited. “When I read the job description initially, I could almost see my name in the text,” Jacqui shares. With a Doctorate in Global Leadership, her focus has long been on leadership and ministry development. Her leadership resume includes serving on the West District Board of Ministry, the TAC Core Leadership Team, and multiple committees along with providing training for a number of prominent groups and schools.
In this new role, she will support lay and clergy leaders in conferences, districts and congregations seeking to focus on vitality for making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Jacqui can see God’s hand in this new adventure. “I am a relational leader and true leadership is accomplished by building strong relationships,” she explains. “I am excited about interfacing and coaching laity and clergy through the acronym of living in to HOPE: Hospitality, Offering Christ, Purpose and Engagement.”
This new position promises to leverage her passion for encouraging others. “I love helping people and groups discover what God has placed in them and what it might take to implement that calling and dream – and even how to measure results and where to take next steps,” she adds. “I love the analogy of God beckoning us out of our boats to help increase our trust in the Lord.  Also, inviting churches to develop ways to help families recognize how to identify when rest and balance is needed in ministry.”
Serving in this capacity will allow Jacqui to further the calling to be a connectional church and denomination. “I am looking forward to learning about new and successful risk-taking ministries so that those stories of H.O.P.E can be shared with others.” One of the prominent tools in her leadership toolkit, she says, is nearly two decades of effectiveness in utilizing technology to reach new people. “I’ve seen congregational vitality grow through the use of e-blasts, online Bible Studies, and webinars. As we leverage multiple platforms, all ages can engage with each other as we grow together.  The extra bonus comes when persons that we may never know directly find our topical Bible studies online at their time of greatest need.”
Jacqui’s husband Donel King, originally from Chattanooga, is also thrilled about this move. “He says the two women in his life are very happy about it, particularly his mom, since he made his way to Texas 40 years ago,” she adds.
Dr. King will close her ministry chapter at Jones Memorial UMC after preaching for the last time on August 16. She adds, “I am following my own motto by finding my lane and running my race by God’s grace!”
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