The Making of a Prayer Garden

Date Posted: 7/10/2014

It started as just a grassy area at the back of the church, about five miles North of Crockett on Highway 28. However, Rev. Richard Gillet of Latexo UMC in Latexo, Tx and New Energy UMC in Teague, Tx had something else in mind. With a little help from his friends, he built the Latexo Prayer Garden. 

Notes Richard, “I found a pretty straight cedar tree and stripped the bark off of it, made a cross and put it four feet in concrete where it can stand over 17 feet tall. Then, members of the church dug out four inches of dirt and grass in a 30x30 triangle.”


Progress continued as he built some seat supports and a kneeling stand out of some pipe and flat metal he had at the house, topped with red cedar that he cut, sanded and varnished.  Adds Richard, “After the church purchased redwood rubber mulch, the place was looking great with the small lake in the background and a large garden in the property behind us.” His next step: have signs painted to notify the public of the prayer garden and invite all to use it.