Temple Ministry Takes a Turn

Date Posted: 6/26/2014

Sudden changes come with the job of being an itinerant Methodist pastor. “A funny thing happened on the way to the office,” notes Rev. Chappell Temple. “Before I ever even officially got to my new job downtown as the Director of the Center for Congregational Excellence of the Texas Annual Conference, I was appointed to serve as the pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Sugar Land, a congregation nestled right up against that same Brazos River, only some 40 miles or so further upstream than our first pastoral assignment almost four decades ago.”  The revised appointment takes effect on September  1, 2014.

Adds Chap, “Admittedly, we’re not quite the prophets of the long road that our circuit-riding predecessors were. But in the end, those of us who are the spiritual heirs of John Wesley and Francis Asbury still go where we are sent, and we gladly serve those to whom we have been appointed, in my case, the Rio de los Brazos de Dios, or ‘The River of the Arms of God.’”

Rev. Temple sensed God’s leading as he preached his final sermon at Lakewood. “I believe that the revised appointment is the right one for us. Likewise, I hope in turn that I can be the right pastor for Christ UMC at this time in this church’s life as well.  I am curiously hopeful that this recent change of plans will put us smack dab in the middle of God’s will for our lives, something that often we have only discovered after we arrived there.”