Mission Minute: Young Adult Missionaries

Date Posted: 6/17/2014

Two different classes of young adult missionaries were recently in New York for end-terms, a week-long debriefing that precedes the completion of their missionary service. After 2-3 years of immense growth, mission looks different for them now than it did when they first began their journey. Read some of their mission thoughts below:
Nick Haigler, US-2 class of 2011
What is mission?
Haigler: “Mission is building community and breaking boundaries to share love.”
Why is mission necessary?
Haigler: “Mission is necessary because the Bible says so. When God calls you into something you want to show undeniable love as a representation of Him.” 
Tara Miller, US-2 class of 2012
What is mission? 
Miller: “Mission is learning from other communities, being in a space you wouldn’t typically be in, and being intentional in learning from them.”
Why is mission necessary?
Miller: “Mission is necessary because of the change factor, individually and collectively. Mission is taking stories and sharing them; you can’t share the stories of mission if you haven’t been changed by them.” 
John Daniel Gore, Mission Intern class of 2011
What is mission?
Gore: “Mission is when you leave your community to live the vision of Christ in another community.”
Why is mission necessary? 
Gore: “Mission is necessary because we can only accomplish change through cross-contextual dialogue.”

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