UMM Leadership Offer Ideas for Summer Outreach

Date Posted: 6/17/2014

The Rev. Mark Lubbock, a deployed staff member of the General Commission on UM Men, says summer is a great time to grow your men’s fellowship and "make an impact for Christ. Why not look for activities that are fun and that are suitable for Youth?" asks Lubbock.
Many youth in single-parent homes and disadvantaged communities would love to have someone take an interest in them. "The easiest way to do this is to hold a group activity that both youth and men will enjoy"
Consider sponsoring:

  1. A fishing trip
  2. A day or evening at stock car races, motocross or boat races
  3. A family barbecue
  4. A day out at a local water park, amusement park, or ball park
  5. Scouting merit badge activities
  6. A father-son outing
For merit badge activities, visit:
Be sure to obtain the appropriate church and parental permissions. Check with your church policies for such activities. Here is a website that offers templates for release forms. Do NOT use these without first checking with your church authorities!
"Sit down now with your group and make plans to strengthen your group while also strengthening your group for the mission ahead," says Lubbock.

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