TAC Welcomes Templo del Espiritu Santo to the Conference

Date Posted: 5/22/2014

At the conclusion of the business meeting on Monday afternoon at the Annual Conference, the Texas Annual Conference will consider a motion to receive Bryan based Templo del Espiritu Santo, of the former Rio Grande Conference, into the Texas Annual Conference. “Realigning districts is a big part of the unification process between the Rio Grande Conference and Southwest Texas Conference, as a part of the merger approved in February,” explains B. T. Williamson, Assistant to the Bishop. “As districts are redrawn to form the new Rio Texas Conference, the churches that fall outside of the new boundaries have three years to opt to join whatever conference is most geographically desirable.” Both the Southwest Texas Conference and the Rio Grande Conference approved to integrate 10 districts into seven for the new Rio Texas Conference, effective January, 2015. “We are excited that Templo del Espiritu wants to join us,” adds Missional Excellence Center Director Diane McGehee. “I know that they will be well received and will bring a valuable witness to our Conference.  We are hopeful that other former Rio Grande Conference churches within our geographic boundaries will also seek to join with our conference during this period of realignment.