Kyle Germany: A Volunteer Leader with Super Powers

Date Posted: 6/11/2015

Leadership comes naturally to lay member Kyle Germany who is an active volunteer in most every aspect of Cheatham Memorial UMC in Edgewood.
To say that Kyle Germany went from inactive church member to hyperactive church member might still be an understatement. Much to Rev. Alan Van Hooser’s delight, Kyle is a “Yes” man in the very best sense of the word. “Kyle is active on the worship team, VCI, communications and technology, the music and youth ministries – and is growing as a person and a disciple right before our eyes,” he says.
“By becoming extremely involved over the last two years at Cheatham Memorial UMC in Edgewood,” he shares, “I quickly realized how much I had been missing by cutting in and out on occasion or just going for service and leaving,” admits Kyle. “I actually took my parents there to find their church home, and I walked them into the church and I never left! A longtime member said ‘Welcome home, Kyle’ and it truly felt like I was home, since I had taken my young son to many events many years earlier.”
In no time, the current pastor had drafted Kyle to be on the Vibrant Church Initiative (VCI) team, a project he felt ill equipped for, but one that ultimately fueled several latent passions he has since pursued. “I’m thankful Rev. Pam Jackson saw something in me that I certainly did not see,” he says. “Being a part of the rebuilding team was eye opening as all 10 of us realized how much our church needed to go through this process to be stronger, and we grew stronger at the same time. My volunteer involvement just ballooned after that.”
After many years of inactive dormancy, Kyle had a spiritual awakening. He became an active attendee at the weekly prayer meeting, and even wandered back to his love of music by becoming a choir member and later a member of the praise band. “It’s funny because I did not particularly want to be in the choir, and I had been having discussions with God about it when someone asked me to come to practice and consider even sitting in the back for awhile.” Truth be told, he shares, his musical roots from younger years in an acapella choir, bands and a number of spiritual musical productions came back to life and before he knew I, he was in the choir and in the praise band.
“After sitting out for awhile I’m finding these activities far more fulfilling and they are making a huge difference in my life,” Kyle adds. “Instead of just playing and singing in the band, I am an active member of the worship team and Rev. Alan has recruited me to serve on Communications/Technology team, as well.”
One of his long list of super powers has been teaching himself to play the bass guitar. “I don’t read a lick of music, but I can somehow pick up on the chords and join right in – which is amazing considering I tried lessons and all kinds of things in my younger years but that didn’t all click until recently when I got a guitar for Christmas.” Adding to his long list of leadership contributions, Kyle agreed to teach youth Sunday school, which has added to his enriched church experience. “The one thing I am most excited about is when the students relate to the lesson and the light bulb goes off. That is way cool,” he says. Kyle awakened another super power when he taught himself how to make a video for the church’s 175th anniversary.  He researched the software, took lots of pictures and video clips and says it “somehow came together.” If all of these roles were not enough to keep him busy, along with his full time job at a local distribution center, Kyle is also serving a several-year term as a Trustee.
“Hey, Will You…”
Leaders in other congregations can learn by Kyle’s example of willingness to step in and fill a void, even when he doesn’t feel qualified. “God’s hand is in it for sure,” he acknowledges, “because I have not sought any of this but if there is a need I will do it or find someone who can. I live in the country on 30 acres and never planned to be in the band or teach Sunday school or make a video. It is just so enjoyable to see everyone working together to make the church better, so I try to say yes now when someone says, Hey will you… and I highly recommend others try it!”