Pin Your Mission Story on the Resource Tree

Date Posted: 4/24/2014

Several of the walls of the main gathering room at Conference will feature a creative ministry focal point designed to look like trees.
"Since this year's theme for Annual Conference is Growing Vibrant Churches, to further reinforce the concept of fruitful churches, we will hand out information about fruit-shaped cards at the pre-conference meetings that our churches can fill out with information on their mission work," notes Rev. Lindsay Kirkpatrick of Montgomery UMC, who chairs the TAC Missions Committee. "We want attendees to post a description of their mission ministry and a photo on the card and bring it to Annual Conference with them. Nine trees will feature nine ministry categories, and we're excited to see how the ministry connections of our churches will grow over the course of Annual Conference. We're also hoping that passersby can get ideas for their own congregations and know whom to call for information if they chose to do something similar."
Call to action: Fill out a card and share (on the ministry trees) what you are doing in these areas

  • School Ministries
  • Food Ministries
  • Prison Ministries
  • Global/Medical Ministries
  • Recovery Ministries (like AA or Celebrate Recovery)
  • Clothing Ministries (from prayer shawls to clothes drives)
  • Homeless Ministries
  • Construction Ministries
  • Other Ministries
Additional cards will be distributed at Conference, and churches can list one or many of their mission activities on the display trees. "By the end of Conference, this will be something special to celebrate - our collective outreach efforts from across the conference," notes Rev. Diane McGehee, Director of TAC Center for Missional Excellence.
To request a card, contact Shirley Broome at

Learn more about the mission trees at Annual Conference.