Houston Flooding Disaster Response

Date Posted: 6/29/2015

Please be in prayer for those affected by storms and flooding in the Houston area. TACCOR is continuing to work on response efforts and information will be continually updated here as it becomes available.

TACCOR has activated all available Early Responders to respond to the Houston area to assist with flood relief.  WE ALSO NEED ANY AVAILABLE VOLUNTEERS, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT TACCOR / UMCOR ERT BADGED.  At this time work primarily includes helping homeowners clean out flooded homes and removal of debris.  We have several worksites identified, but we know there are many more out there.


Carol Greenslate is coordinating the TACCOR response in the Houston area and deploying teams as needed.  If you have needs or questions about sending a team or individual volunteers please contact one of the following people:
E-mail Carol to volunteer at cgreenslate@txcumc.org  If you have questions about how you can help call 832-758-2428

Other contacts are:
Scott Moore, 936-697-2430
DeWitt Cox, 832-498-4474

Please keep an eye here and on our website www.taccor.org/activeresponse.htm to see what the latest news is related to volunteer needs. Please share this and future updates out to all of your friends.

Please watch our FB page for more info on this thru the Day Monday and Tuesday. Please keep an eye on the weather and be safe! Peace and Blessings from the TACCOR team.

Please keep in your prayers all affected by the May and now June storms.

Thank you for your willingness to serve our sisters and brothers in need.

Donations and Volunteers Welcome
Volunteers will be needed for several weeks, as those displaced from their homes continue to clean up and others begin to move back in. To keep up to date on the status of volunteer needs, visit http://www.taccor.org/activeresponse.htm

You can also give to help those impacted by Houston flooding at http://www.txcumc.org/houstonflooddonation 
If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to The Texas Annual Conference with the memo line marked “Houston Flood Recovery” and send it to:
Fiscal Office / Flood Recovery
Texas Annual Conference
5215 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

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Keep up with the latest disaster response needs at https://www.facebook.com/taccorinfo  

Wednesday June 3 Update

The TAC response to flooding in our area has been tremendous.  Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to serve your neighbors in their time of need.  Although the relief efforts are no longer headline news, the need remains.  We have set up a resource center at Westbury UMC at 5200 Willowbend Blvd in Houston to help respond to the needs in the Southwest Houston / Westbury / Meyerland communities.  We have also been able to deploy volunteers to Wharton from this location to assist that community.  But, WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS.  If you are able to volunteer at the Westbury location, please contact Carol Greenslate at 832-758-2428 or sign up at http://taccor.ivolunteer.com/houstonfloodmay2015.  The need for volunteers in this area is significant and will be so for some time.


We are also receiving requests for assistance in other portions of the conference.  If you would like to volunteer elsewhere in the conference, or if you are unable to come to the Houston area, please contact Scott Moore atsmoore@txcumc.org for volunteer opportunities close to you.


Thank you again for your dedicated and faithful service.


In Christ,

TACCOR and TAC Disaster Response Ministries


Taccor June 2nd Updates (PDF)


Saturday, May 30 Update:

TACCOR continues to monitor the conference-wide flooding and weather-related disasters.  Thus far TACCOR-trained personnel have responded to places such as Van, Jacksonville, SW Houston, and many points in between.  This does not include the hundreds of local church volunteers who have stepped up to help their neighbors.  


TACCOR is asking for assistance from everyone throughout the conference.  If you know of a specific need in your area, please relay that information to your local church pastor and / or your district office.  They will then pass that need on to TACCOR who will gladly provide any available resources to address the need.  We stand ready to serve God's people throughout the Texas Annual Conference and beyond.


In Christ,

TACCOR and TAC Disaster Response Ministries