2014 Convocation of Archivists / Historical Society in October

Date Posted: 3/31/2014

The South Central Jurisdictional Convocation of Archivists and the Texas United Methodist Historical Society will hold a joint meeting is October 8-11 in San Antonio.  The theme of the conference is Methodism in San Antonio – Its Ethnic, Cultural and Missional Diversity.  

Conference attendees will be treated to full program of tours and presentations.  Three historic churches (St. Paul's, La Trinidad, and Travis Park UMC) with ties to the African-American, Mexican-American, and Anglo-American heritage of the city will host tours.  

Participants will also tour the Institute of Texan Cultures and Mission San Jose.  On Wednesday, October 8, dinner will be served on the grounds of the Alamo.  

Comfortable housing, reasonably priced, has been arranged at the Oblate Retreat Center.

Registration is now open though the South West Texas Conference web site: http://www.umcswtx.org/scj-convocation-archivists