Voting Recap: From Resolutions to Representatives

Date Posted: 5/31/2015

In addition to voting on a dozen proposals and resolutions, conference delegates chose clergy and lay representatives for the South Central Jurisdiction and 2016 General Conference.
Following careful procedures, the Texas Annual Conference delegates spent considerable time choosing clergy and lay delegates to represent them at General and Jurisdictional Conferences (which happens every four years), and voting for proposals and resolutions that will help shape the future of the United Methodist Church. “Hand-held devices with personal SIM cards helped expedite the voting this year,” notes Rev. B.T. Williamson, Assistant to the Bishop. “The devices record composite totals, not individual choices,” explains B.T.
There were 57 clergy candidates and 40 lay candidates who shared their perspectives on issues, leadership experience and personal callings via the resume booklets compiled for the delegates’ reference tool. Others could have been nominated for the floor of the conference.  
The newly elected clergy delegates include:

General Conference:
Chap Temple
Kenneth Levingston
Morris Matthis
Laceye Warner
Ben Trammell
Steve Wende
Matt Idom
Janice Gilbert
Ed Jones
Keith Whitaker
Jessica Lagrone
Kip Gilts
Jim Bass
Silverio Sanchez
Marilyn White
Jonathan Bynum
Guy Williams
Tom Pace
Rob Renfro
Justin Coleman
Vincent Harris
Jeff Olive
The newly elected lay delegates are:
General Conference:
Reggie Clemons
Don House
Gil Hanke
Eddie Erwin
Andy Hernandez
Tom Wussow
Marquice Hobbs
Sue Sullivan
Melba Wilson
Oscar Garza
Stacie Hawkins
Sterling Allen
Carolyn Huntsman
Donel King
Clarence Estes
Bryan Tullos
Bill Brown
Richard Hyde
Leah Taylor
Donna West
Enid Henderson
Ken Tielke

Resolutions/Proposal Vote Results
According to B.T., #7 (referencing a change in nominations) and #14 (referencing the option to lengthen years of service) were withdrawn before the vote. Proposals required a ¾ vote to sustain a rule change and resolutions were passed with a simple majority. All of the resolutions passed except for #2 Remove Restrictive Language on Marriage, #3 Empower All Persons Called to Ordained Ministry, #8 Proposal on Conference Session Procedures Rules Change and #12 Theological Education Requirement for Elders. See the list of resolutions and proposals.