TACCOR CARE Team Orientation May 3

Date Posted: 3/27/2014

TACCOR CARE Team Orientation will be on Saturday, May 3  10:00 a.m.-11:30  Memorial Drive United Methodist Church  12955 Memorial Drive, just west of Beltway 8 between I-10 and Memorial Drive.
TACCOR (Texas Annual Conference Committee on Relief) CARE (Caregivers Actively Responding in Emergencies) Teams are faith-based, on-going teams trained to provide spiritual and emotional care following disasters. Reaching out from the faith community and working as a part of the conference’s disaster response continuum of care, CARE Teams offer peer-to-peer listening, support, information and referral to help disaster survivors connect with personal and community spiritual, emotional, and basic life resources.

CARE Teams do not provide traditional individual ongoing counseling; their purpose is:

  • To say the church cares, offering a listening presence
  • To reduce the terrible aloneness survivors feel
  • To connect survivors with long-term disaster recovery systems, providing support and information about the recovery process and available services
  • To gather information and broad surveys for those making decisions about disaster recovery
  • To show interest after media interest has waned by buoying survivors’ spirits
  • To remind survivors to register with the agency that provides Case Management
Those who are ideally suited to serve on a CARE Team include: Clergy (active and retired); Stephen Ministers; Parish Nurses; Mental health providers who are active in their United Methodist churches; and other persons trained in other crisis intervention models who want a deeper theological application of their skills

What do the CARE Teams do?

Depending upon their level of training, CARE Team members may:
  • Lead “listening teams” into disaster areas using the UMCOR “information and referral” model
  • Provide valuable information to decision makers and local and emergency management officials.
  • Provide informal “defusing” for those who have been working at a disaster site
  • Provide crisis intervention “congregational meetings” either shortly after disasters or several months into the recovery process
  • Provide congregational, staff, and leader debriefings
  • Provide support to clergy and other church and denominational leaders
What training is recommended? Basic CARE team training will be early spring, 2014
  • UMCOR “Basic CARE Team” course
  • 4-6 hour “Psychological First Aid” as specified by the Texas Conference
  • Criminal background check and Safe Sanctuary Training
  • Agree to abide by the spiritual care “Points of Consensus” of NVOAD & Church World Service “Standards of Care for Disaster Spiritual Care Ministries”
See UMCOR Brochure About Care Teams
Contact Noel Denison, 713-464-1173, or noel-denison@att.net for more information.