Congratulations TUMCA Scholarship Winners

Date Posted: 4/23/2015

The Texas United Methodist College Association has Invested in the Young for decades and this year awarded scholarships to 13 Texas Conference students.
The good news: The Texas United Methodist College Association has awarded scholarships to 13 Texas Annual Conference students. The bad news, according to Bishop Dan Solomon, president of TUMCA, is that “there are always more requests than funds available.”
Scholarship recipients must be United Methodist students from the state of Texas.
Dan adds, “When local churches support TUMCA, they are not only helping young people from this conference, they are making an investment in their faith and their skills for ministry and service. These scholarships represent a personal and powerful use of funds contributed to TUMCA by the local churches of the conference.”
TUMCA scholarship recipients for 2014-15 from the Texas Conference are:

“Each school applies its own set of criteria and tailors the scholarship according to the need,” adds Dan.  No TUMCA funds are used for brick and mortar. “Congregations contribute to the fund and then celebrate when these funds in effect come right back for one of their students. Students are generally quick to make a thank you witness in their local church for the support they receive.”