Celebrations Deepen the Clergy Experience at Annual REFRESH Event

Date Posted: 4/9/2015

“I would encourage any pastors that are invited to participate in the REFRESH retreat to accept the invitation,” says Rev. Marvin Hood, Newgate UMC. REFRESH offers great ministry resources and enriching insights for personal growth. Don't pass on a wonderful opportunity; I enjoyed the discussions and retreat but the Birkman coaches were the difference-makers for me!” Adds Marvin, “The celebration was very touching and inspiring for me. It was a personal experience that I think will never fade but will only deepen.”
Some 15 of the past year’s REFRESH participants braved torrential rainfall to gather and be honored by Bishop Janice Huie, family and friends. Bishop Huie delivered the message and praised this group of pastors for their continuing service to the ministry. The closing worship service was held at First UMC Conroe
REFRESH is a program offered annually for clergy entering a five-year anniversary year (5-year, 10-year, 15-year, etc). Clergy are honored at Annual Conference and invited to participate in two retreats and the worship service over a nine-month window of time. This year’s participants were:
REFRESH Class of 2014
40 Years         Robert McGee
30 Years         Bob Sinclair
25 Years         Michael Bedevian, Jim Martin, Garry Masterson, Jim Reiter, Rick Sitton, Bob Webb
20 Years         Randy Carrion, Kevin King
15 Years         Melvin Amerson, Lisa Callaway, Dottie Dumas, Greg Edwards, Ed Jones III, Kevin Kissel, Bill Lanigan, Lynn Loe, Kevin Otto, Mary Tumulty
10 Years         Allison Byerley, David Daviss, Mike Deaton, Steven Diaz, Marvin Hood, Pamela Jackson
5 Years           Rick Anderson, Dan Gilliam, Michelle Hall, Kelly Krone, Jin-Jong Lee, Bart Reddoch, Vickie Simons, Linda Tolon, Marilyn White, Joe Wilson, Jack Womack