Laity Unleashed Leadership: Condensed Option

Date Posted: 4/9/2015

Individuals seeking leadership development insight and discernment on their calling in lay ministry now have two options of conference-sponsored training. The original 10-12 week Laity Unleashed class will be offered this fall in the Houston area, and a condensed “retreat” version will be piloted later this year as well.

“Now that we have had several groups complete the class in the Houston area, we want to offer a condensed Laity Unleashed leadership class that is more geographically-friendly for others seeking this unique experience,” says coordinator Leah Taylor, former Lay Leader for the Texas Conference. “We will pilot the training via three mini-retreats in August, September and October. Sessions will begin at noon on Saturdays and finish around lunchtime Sunday.” The first retreat is set for August 29-30 at Camp Allen in Navasota followed by two other mini-retreats in September and October.

Leah is already formulating a list of participants and hopes to finalize details and interview potential class members by the end of July. She welcomes questions at 281-381-3442. Adds Leah, “It is so exciting to hear updates from former participants who have followed God in new endeavors as a result of their participation – including one who was recently invited to preach in her home church!”
Adds Leah, “The interaction between the group members is a huge part of the benefit of participating, so we hope to have participants commit to attend all sessions via a covenant agreement.” While the class is largely subsidized by the Conference, participants will have a small registration fee and some pre-work that will help to accelerate the class, but scholarships will also be available. See the Laity Unleashed Facebook page or webpage for more information on this exciting program.