Woodville UMC Fish Fry: An Ideal Tribute to Local Heroes

Date Posted: 4/9/2015

Soon after Rev. Amanda Davis became pastor at Woodville United Methodist Church, she extended a special invitation to First Responders from Woodville to attend a specific worship service, allowing the congregation an opportunity to express appreciation for their service. Soon thereafter, the Methodist Men suggested inviting all First Responders in Tyler County to a fried catfish dinner in the Wesley Center.
“We sent invitations to all groups including sheriff, police, highway patrol, nine different fire departments, the game warden, Red Cross, and several other small groups,” says Woodville member Doug Libby, who coordinated the event. Charlie Barrett, a local country music artist entertained the crowd, and the Tyler County Historical Commission provided a Commemorative Knife for the Court House Restoration Project as a door prize.
On March 31, over 25 from UMM supported by eight helpers with UMW were involved in preparing and serving 75 pounds of catfish, hush puppies, homemade potato salad, coleslaw and cookies to the 75 first responders who attended from over 15 different organizations. This gesture of appreciation fostered tighter bonds within the church and within the community.
Sherry Kenner, retired school superintendent says, “First Responders are a credit to our community. I have experienced first hand help from them in the past and know they are there in the future, if needed. Thank you WUMC men and women for your effort and time given in showing your appreciation.”
Adds Amanda, “We have some talented chefs, so the dinner grew from there, and we may be able to invite their families to a future event. Our guests greatly appreciated our hospitality and started the ‘buzz’ that this may have been the 1st Annual First Responders Dinner!”