Creative Fundraising for Summer Camp

Date Posted: 4/9/2015

First UMC Somerville loves Lakeview and does not want their youth to miss out on this life changing experience. In 2013, the church committed to send five students and in 2014, they doubled that. This year the goal and slogan is “15 in 2015” which is a financial investment of about $4,500, which does not include transportation costs. Rev. Vickie Simons shares that the church had to do something special and creative to raise additional funds.

“The idea we came up with was a Battle of the Chefs fundraising diner,” she shares. “We had teams that researched, tested and cooked authentic cuisine from Italy, France and Mexico for approximately 80 people, and gave everyone small portions to judge each of the four courses.” At the end of the meal, all diners voted and Italy was the winner, but the event was so successful that there is a rematch planned for the following year and there will be a frying pan trophy to enrich the competition.

Adds Vickie, “It was a huge success enabling us to raise $3300 from dinner receipts and donations. So, the moral of the story is this: If we, as a small country church, can combine forces to help our youth experience the joys and transforming relationships that Lakeview is known for, then anyone can do the same! It is our hope that this will inspire other churches to think outside the box – or kitchen. Lakeview is worth every dime!”