A Mega Methodist

He’s helped with fundraising, built wheelchair ramps, served as chair of Finance, chair of Trustees, and now serves as chair of the Church Leadership Committee (CLC) of Jacksonville UMC. By day, Tim McRae is the managing partner of a local car dealership. In his spare time he can be found stretching his leadership muscles in a variety of ways. “I find church service to be enlightening and I wish more people would give it a try,” says this longtime Jacksonville UMC volunteer. “Volunteering is ...

Campus Ministry’s ‘Advent’

It is no easy task to welcome 9,000+ students to campus in a matter of days each August. Rev. Julius Wardley, campus minister at Texas Southern University’s Wesley Foundation compares the Back-to-School season as the “Advent” of campus ministry.  Julius says, “In much the same way that local churches prepare for the arrival of Jesus during the holiday season, our Wesley student leaders prepare each summer for the arrival of students  -- to show them God’s presence and love as we help with ...

Filling a Void

When the members of Kosse First United Methodist Church learned there was no choir program for the local high school students, Kosse FUMC pastor, Dr. Rita Sims, asked if the church could offer a Choir Club. Groesbeck High School Principal Keri Allen was excited to work with the church to bring back this missing musical element. This spring, pastor Rita worked with Kristen Curry, coordinator of the after-school program called ACE to incorporate this option for both middle and high school ...

Harvey God Moments

By Maggie Hillery, United Methodist News Service The desire to make sure Hurricane Harvey relief teams had enough water last week provided timely help for the thirsty town of Beaumont, Texas, where floodwaters shut down the water system. What happened goes past coincidence into “Oh. This is one of those God moments," said the Rev. Scott Moore, the director of missional excellence for the Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church. Moore recounted some of the “God moments” that enabled ...

Healing and Restoring

Rev. Marvin Hood walked across the uneven floorboards of his church, and stepped outside onto the small rectangle of the front porch. Then he turned, pulled the door shut, and locked it one last time. The aging United Methodist building had served his small congregation well, but it was time to move on to the next stage of ministry. Newgate Fellowship was leaving the suburbs behind to move into their new facility located on a seven-acre campus in the heart of Newgate’s mission field -- the city ...

Healing From Harvey

By Sam Hodges, United Methodist News Service Photos by Kathleen Barry On the first two Sundays in September, members of Lake Houston UMC set up folding chairs and held worship outside on the driveway. Flood damage from Hurricane Harvey has put their sanctuary out of commission for the foreseeable future. Some at the September 10 service also lost their homes, including Christine and Gary Jordan. “The worst part of this is seeing everything you ever had on the side of the road,” says Gary. ...

Houston Churches Go Flat Out with Flood Relief

By Sam Hodges, United Methodist News Service  Photos by Kathleen Barry These days, as the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell drives the streets of his native Houston, he sees mounds of flooded debris outside homes in low-income, middle-class and wealthy neighborhoods. “I’m here to tell you, all three trash loads look just the same,” said Caldwell, pastor of Houston’s Windsor Village United Methodist Church. “Harvey has been an equal opportunity destroyer.” More than two weeks after the record rains that...

Recovery Through Grace

Care Ministry at Grace Fellowship Katy is a safe place where it is okay not to be okay. As the Care Pastor since 2003, Rev. Cindi Lomax, has seen lives changed in the Recovery Through Grace program, even those who struggle with dual addictions of chemical/alcohol abuse along with sexual addiction. This ministry has attracted hundreds of people over the years because it addresses real problems with confidentiality and a customized recovery plan.   As a former critical care nurse, Cindi ...

Candidacy Summit - Now Offered Twice Per Year!

Candidacy Summit will now be offered twice per year. Save the dates for the next events scheduled for 2018: Winter January 12-13, 2018 Lakeview · Palestine, TX Summer August 3-4, 2018 Camp Allen · Navasota, TX See Flyer  For more information: contact Deann Saxton, BOM Candidacy Manager at dsaxton@txcumc.org or at 713-921-9383  

Third Sunday Native American Worship September 17:  Jim Cochran

We welcome you at St. Mark's UMC, Houston (Patterson) on September 17, 2017 at 4 pm to hear Jim Cochran (Cherokee) talk about "Getting to the other side of the storm".  He will share the Mark 4:35 story about Jesus calming the waters and taking his disciples safely through.     If you were fortunate enough to be there last year when Jim preached, you know that he is a bible scholar and a very good speaker.  You will be glad to hear Jim speak this time as well.   Also, come and hear Shelby Bradle...

Harvey Update - Bishop Jones Via Facebook Live

Bishop Jones offers the latest information on Harvey relief efforts in a video via Facebook Live at:  https://www.facebook.com/TexasAnnualConference/videos/10155169008261715/ Learn more about how you can volunteer or donate at: http://www.txcumc.org/harvey   .

Third-Annual Pastoral Luncheon

St. Luke's UMC, Houston will be hosting their third-annual pastoral lunch on October 26, 2017. When congregation members struggle with issues related to children in their care, they often turn to their pastors for support and guidance. It can be difficult when pastors are expected to have all the answers. This panel discussion equips pastors with ideas for what to do and where to turn when member needs are beyond the pastor’s scope. (Panelist details are in the attached.)   Previous feedback: “...

Matagorda Harvey Video

Bishop Scott Jones traveled the flood damaged areas of the Texas Conference, worshiping and speaking at a Sunday service at Matagorda First United Methodist Church on September 3. With phrases like “We love you” and “Thank you,” Bishop Jones encouraged his members to stay strong and work together to offer relief after the disaster. “I am proud of the way our United Methodist Churches across the conference are serving in the community to muck and gut houses and churches, and show compassion to ...

Texas Strong Music Video

Give to Help at http://www.txcumc.org/floodrelief

Disaster Volunteer Team Registration

To register a team to serve in the Texas Conference Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts, please fill in information on the form at http://www.txcumc.org/disastervolunteerteamreg Please note that most of the work at this time includes mucking out and gutting of homes. This work is dirty and conditions may be hazardous, so please bring appropriate protective gear for all team members including respirators, tyvec suits, gloves, eye protection, etc. Members must be over the age of 18 and have proof of...

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