On July 1, 2019, I began a new position as the director of the Wesley foundation at Tyler junior college. I am very excited about my new appointment and I am ready to witness all the great things that God will do at Wesley House this year. As I was experiencing a career shift and a transition in my professional life, we were experiencing quite a bit of change at home as well. The Rankin house consists of 6 children; three big’s and three little’s, ages 17-3, and they are all active in school, sports and social lives.

People often ask me, “Tabitha, how do you do it?” While others look at me and say, “Bless your little heart.”

I will admit that at times talking about work and home sounds overwhelming, but there is a secret to our madness that I would like to share with you all. I have crazy confidence in the person and nature of God. I also understand that I can do nothing without God. My days are easier when they start with God, and I allow God to be God.

In psalm 46, a psalm to the chief musician of the sons of Korah, we find the psalmist articulating the exact same confidence in God.

The psalmist suggests that God is our strength and our refuge, and even if the earth were to change, we should not be afraid. The psalmist suggest that God is with us and has the power to grant unimaginable peace. The final verse of the psalm ends with the thought, “be still and know that I am God.” It is this truth that enables me to live, work, play, give, teach, preach, encourage, travel, be a daughter, wife, a mom, a sister, a colleague, and a friend.

I’ve been told that I have “crazy” faith. I have witnessed God deliver, provide, forgive and protect my family and I in so many ways, and perhaps the sons of Korah knew God in like manner.  

Scholars suggest that the call of this psalm is to simply cease. Cease from warring and worry, and allow God to be God.

It is my prayer today that you too would be confidently conscious of the person and nature of God in your lives, ministry and relationships. There is nothing to hard for God. This is what keeps me going, and this is what gives me sweet rest. I pray that it will do the same for you.

Rev. Tabitha Mock Rankin is an ordained elder in the Texas Annual Conference and serves as the   Campus Minister and Director of the Wesley House at Tyler Junior College

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