LINK for Sunday of Blessing


What is “A Sunday of Blessing”? 

It’s simple – pick a Sunday before school starts and get ready to bless school supplies for those in need, students returning to the classroom and the teachers and staff who make a difference every day for our children.

Churches across our area wants to make a difference and to help every child have the best possible experience returning to the classroom.


What can my church do?

 Pick a date for your church to host a blessing of the backpacks. A conference-wide Back-to-School Sunday will be held on Aug. 18 this year. If there’s a time that’s more in tune with a nearby school, make an arrangement that works for your congregation.

 Check out the TAC’s resources. There are free graphics, social media posts, a pastor’s blog and ideas for making Back-to-School Sunday a success.

 Spread the excitement about donating and volunteering. These children are tomorrow’s faith leaders. Let’s give them all the tools possible to develop into educated disciples.

 Show thanks for faculty and school staff. Don’t forget about those individuals who are in the trenches with students everyday. Why not host a special worship service recognizing their efforts? Childcare providers, daycares and nurseries can be included.

 Consider something special for the students. Some churches have a tradition of blessing students before a new school year. If your congregation does not already, take time out to show your support for your youngest members.

 Don’t forget the schools that already exist inside of church. A number of campuses offer day school, nurseries, childcare or mother’s day out. The faculty and staff right at church can become the subject of a special Sunday blessing.


Regardless of how you decide to show your support, help start the school year on the right foot — with a blessing.