By Lindsay Peyton

On Holy Week, our hearts and minds are focused on God. Let’s use this opportunity to invite new faces – and perhaps members who have been away – back to church. The communications department has prepared graphics and posts for 2023, ready for your church to customize and post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Social media is an incredibly powerful outreach tool for your church,” Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey said. “Coupled with your website, social media is one of the first places people go today to look for a place to worship allowing you to reach out and welcome area residents looking for a church community.”

Shannon W. Martin, Director of Communications for the Texas Annual Conference, explained that clergy are incredibly busy during Holy Week. That is why the communications department concentrated on creating easy templates for churches to download and make their own.

“Don’t delay – get these templates in the hands of whoever manages your social media channels for Lent 2023,” Martin said. “There are people in your community searching for a place to worship Easter week – why can’t it be your church?”

To get started, simply download the images. Then add your church’s logo.

Be creative and write a personal message that speaks to your congregation’s culture. Be sure to include the times of your services and location of your church. A sample message is written to get you started.

Next, post to all of your social media channels. “Take the time to explain the importance of Lent,” Bishop Harvey said. “Easter is powerful time in the life of your church when people are ready to do something new; to come back to church or to come to church for the very first time.”

For questions about the social media images and posts, contact