By Shannon W. Martin

Earlier today, Texas Annual Conference delegates waited with anticipation for the Episcopal Committee to announce the bishop assignments for the South Central Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. A lively applause went up from the crowd when it was announced that Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey was assigned to the Texas Annual Conference beginning January 1, 2023.

“This is home for me and I’m just excited to put a mark on the Conference that raised me — I am excited for the possibilities before all of us,” said Bishop Harvey as Texans engulfed she and her husband Dean and daughter Elizabeth minutes after the announcement was made.

Dr. Don House, a member of the Episcopacy Committee and co-leader of the Texas Annual Conference delegation said how pleased he was to welcome Bishop Harvey.

“With her leadership, the Texas Annual Conference is poised for growth and will be united like we have never been before,” he said.

In the Louisiana Conference, Bishop Harvey has challenged faith communities to look beyond themselves and to keep an eye focused on the edge where God is at work. Bishop Harvey also has a passion for young people as they lead the church into a future filled with possibilities.

At today’s session, other bishop assignments included:

Arkansas Conference – Bishop Laura Merrill

Areas of North Texas, Central Texas – Bishop Ruben Saenz

Great Plains Conference – Bishop-elect David Wilson

Louisiana Conference – Bishop-elect Dee Williamston

Missouri Conference – Bishop Robert Farr

Oklahoma, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conferences – Bishop Jimmy Nunn

Rio Texas Conference – Bishop Robert Schnase

Bishop Schnase will provide coverage for the New Mexico Conference and Nunn for the Northwest Texas Conference, which is status quo.

Tomorrow morning, the Texas Annual Conference delegation will have an opportunity to spend more time with Bishop Harvey and welcome her back to Texas.

Watch Bishop Harvey’s Welcome Video