Webinar: New Faces in New Digital Spaces  

The Webinar aired Thursday, May 14 at 2:00 p.m. central. 

See the archived video:


As the congregations of the Texas Annual Conference are living into unprecedented times, the Center for Congregational Excellence is offering practical and timely support for congregations to connect with their Communities and Congregations while social distancing measures are necessary and as Christian practices are moving into digital spaces.

In light of the need for churches to offer ministry and connect people online in this new context, we will answer four questions:

  • How do you reach new people?    
  • How do you collect data?  
  • How do you connect with new people who worship with you?   
  • How do you disciple them?



Rev. Artie Cadar, Mission Field Coordinator of the Texas Annual Conference.   



Rev. Dr. Martin Quick, Associate Pastor at The Journey UMC in Columbia South Carolina.   

Rev. Enid Henderson, Executive Pastor At Jones Memorial UMC.

Rev. Trey Comstock, Pastor Grace UMC Palestine

Rev. Phil Chamberlain, Pastor The Temple Port Arthur

Vlad Davidiuk, Social Media representative for the Texas Annual Conference



Rev. Robert Besser, Director of Congregational Excellence