Candidacy” is part of a lifelong spiritual journey of discerning God’s callings in our lives.  The “Summit” is a time for you to pause, gather on a hilltop with other travelers and people who have travelled these roads before you, and overlook the different routes to which God may be calling you.

As God prepared the way for God’s exiled people to return to Jerusalem, and as John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus to proclaim the Gospel, so representatives of the Texas Annual Conference, Center for Clergy Excellence, and Board of Ordained Ministry are working to prepare the way for the Gospel to be proclaimed today by walking before and with you on this “road” we call “candidacy”.  We created the Candidacy Summit to offer accurate information about the entire candidacy process and opportunities for serious discernment.  We’re here to support and encourage you at this point in your journey.

During the Summit, you’ll meet for a total of six hours with your Exploring Mentor and a group of seven to ten exploring candidates.  After the Summit, you will continue to meet with your Mentor and group to work through the steps listed on the yellow “Exploring Candidate Road Map” included in the binder.   If you have additional questions or concerns after the Summit, please contact your Exploring Mentor, Exploring Mentor Chair Preston Greenwaldt, your District office, or the Center for Leadership Formation.

May God richly bless us, our continuing discernment journeys, and our time together!

Candidacy Summer Flyer 

Summer Candidacy Summit Application 

Winter Candidacy Summit Application - Wednesday, January 10, 2024 at the Conference office.


If you have any questions, please contact: Rev. Ben Burnside

Candidacy Leadership Team Chair, Rev. Alicia Besser -