Laity Unleashed Experiences

Angela Williams’ invitation launched a series of insightful sessions that helped Angela think differently about the role of laity and her role, more specifically. Adds Angela, “Immediately upon hearing the invitation, the Spirit within me said You must. I cleared my schedule and told Leah I would love to be a part of the group! I knew this was the answer to my prayers to spend more time with the Lord and to get to know Him in a more intimate way.  God did not disappoint; He answered exceedingly and abundantly.”





Tony Vandenberge is juggling details as a logistics expert for a construction company in a booming market – not the ideal time to add to his workload with yet another commitment. But Tony says, “When my pastor, Rev. Chris Harrison invited me to participate one Friday, I decided it sounded neat and I was involved in Laity Unleashed on Monday.” Tony admits he had been pondering his leadership role so this came as the perfect opportunity to work out his plan in a community setting.

“Having lay participants and several clergy advisors and a mixture of corporate strategy and ministry made for a thought provoking environment where we worked out our callings together. Circumstances allowed the leading of our hearts and heads at the same time.”